no separation
no separation

i am a man—i’m a women
i am black—i am white
i am gay—i am straight
i am old—i am young

no separation at all

i am poor—i am rich
i live on the street—i live in a big house
i live in a jail cell—i live in the white house
no separation—no separation at all

i’m an American—i am asian
i’m middle eastern—i’m european
i’m from out west—i’m from down south
i’m from up north—i’m from back east

no separation at all

i am Christian—i’m a muslim
i am jewish—i’m a hindu
i’m a buddhist—man i’m confused

no separation
no separation
no separation
no separation at all

i’m republican—i’m a democrat
i’m a congressman—i’m a voter
i’m a citizen—i’m an immigrant

no separation at all

i’m a consumer—i’m a business owner
i’m an employee—i’m a ceo
i’m a stockholder—i’m a government worker
i’m laid off—i’m unemployed

no separation—no separation—no separation—no separation at all
stand up—stand up—stand up—no separation at all
clap your hands—clap your hands—clap your hands—no separation at all

words and music by john r potts

copyright john r potts/OJB and P1 publishing