ride with the king
ride with the king

i was young and green he was old and black
all i had was a dream and guitar on my back
his music came from way down in his soul
what i'd give to know what that old man knows

i ride with the king in a limousine
solid gold
a man is a fool when he thinks he
rides alone
i play guitar and sing
and ride with the king

when i was your age playin' all the bars
chasin' pretty girls in my fancy car
no peace of mind in my selfish ways
got down on my knees help me please i prayed

repeat chorus

i knew way back then the old man told the truth
but i had to do what i had to do
one night i prayed GOD is their room for me
in the back seat of that limousine

repeat chorus

vamp out
in a long limousine
i ride with the king

words and music by john r. potts

copyright john r potts/OJB and P1 publishing