Warm Embraces
Warm Embraces
(words and music by Brian Olen Kious and Randy Wayne Belt)

I didn't fall asleep 'til 4
Hiding from the night before
Warm Embraces at your door
just keep haunting me

Keys in locks and trips to Spain
Umbrellas in the pounding rain
Let's do it once and do it again
Warm Embraces, please

Now a fool might call me a lucky man
'cause I know a thing or three
Let no one think or write it, ma'am
I'd ever stop you from embracing me

Tailor-made and dressed to kill
Your arms around me building the thrill
Warm Embraces, powder, and pills...
I know the one for me

Truth can hit you hard like wine
It can eat all your time
But Warm Embraces do just fine
But you keep letting go