Like Destiny
Though at 92 BPM, the double time feel gives this song an Upbeat and cheerful feel with varying beat dynamics in the realm of a folk and rock blend with guitar hooks and a chorus that is memorable after one listen.

This song is primarily in the key of D flat which is also the starting tone.

Acoustic and electric guitars with bass and drums and just a touch of keyboards in the bridge of the song keep it true to its roots. The vocals are true and organic with no autotune.

Song composed and played entirely by Randy Wayne Belt with drums by Steve Meyers.

"In the wake of last fall's epic 'Double Star' release on October 15th, 2015, 'Like Destiny' is a Mellifuous blend of both instrumental and vocal brought home with a folk/rock blend truly consistent to what is now known as 'The Barley Station Sound'.

Congrats on yet another single knocked out of the park!"

~ CA Marshall - Editor of Starlight Music Chronicles