Last Nashville Rose
(words and music by Brian Kious and Randall Belt)

I remember
running from the TV like stars
and singing in these smoky bars
and writing you prose
or I'd send you a rose

I was saying
Nashville is where I'd get paid
and there's only one reason to stay
but majority rules
and I feel so stupid for leaving you clues


And I tried to give you a garden
and I tried to lasso the moon
and I tried t make you make me not go.

And I'd sing to you every night
before I'd turn off the light
but that's not what you want so
there'll be no more red Nashville rose

I was going
just far enough out of reach.
When I close my eyes you're all that I see
and I'm all alone.
It's all I can do not to reach for the phone

and pick it up.
I call but you never are there
and I wish you'd drive down on a dare
and knock at my door
and tell it'd mean so much if I'd come back

CHORUS (repeat)

(C) (P) 2012 Randall Belt (ASCAP) and Brian Kious (ASCAP), Barleyfields Records (ASCAP)