Can't Sleep For Venus
A darker mood song but with a classic rock and alternative rock appeal with rootsy vibes.

Album: song notes

On the verses of this song ("13 steps to the gallows"...) Brian Kious is singing the leading vocal. On the chorus, ("Nothing to hold you down"...) Casey Wollberg and Randall Belt are singing - Casey sings two higher harmony parts and Randall sings the third lower harmony. On what we shall call the post-chorus ("I can't Sleep for venus"...) Casey is singing solo. On the "in my eyes" bit at the end, that is Brian and Randy singing. We tried various combination of vocals and harmonies both on the chorus and the post-chorus, but this recording is what came out sounding the best. We did many takes and tried many things on this particular song. The melody of the chorus and post-chorus are a lot trickier to nail vocally to any perfection for even the most experienced vocalist. And you know we refuse to use vocal correcting machines. This kind of music demands to be organic.