I Got To Testify
If you’re thinkin’ bout wishin’ upon a star
You better be careful what you wish for

I said, I wish I may, I wish I might
Have that woman both day and night

Now I can’t get her out from under my skin
And I can’t find a cure for the condition I’m in
I______Got To Testify

I tried Chicken Feather tea and Bat Wing stew
A lucky Rabbit’s Foot and a Conqueror Root

They don’t stop my legs from shakin’
Every time she walks my way

I guess what they say about a Mojo is true
She done dropped one on me and I don’t know what to do
I______Got To Testify

Mama’s in the kitchen cookin’ rice and beans
Sister’s in the bathroom with her fashion magazines

Me, I’m just lookin’ for some place to hide
And try to get her out of my mind

I want to turn her loose but it hurts so good
Never felt this way – Never knew I could
I______Got To Testify