Given It All
Given It All
I’ve had it all and I’ve given it all
I’ve been around and I’ve seen it all before
I was here, I’ve been over there
I’ve been everywhere that’s been ever known

How much more can I give
How much more have I got
You give yourself away
Maybe I’ve given it all

Verse 2
I’ve been reborn and I have died
I’ve passed through this way many’s of time
I’ve been shot and I’ve been stoned
I’ve been crucified up on that hill


For they whom have seen a glimpse of God’s mind
For they whom have seen the shining light
Won’t you please show me the way, show me

Verse 3
They say if there’s a will
Then you’ll find a way
Cause I’ve been a willing fool
And a price I’ve paid
I’ve been cursed but evenly blessed
And I hope I’ll be at peace when I rest