Ugly Rumors

Words and Music by
Johnny Townsend and James Hutchinson

A slip of the lip, one wink of an eye
At just the wrong place and just the wrong time
Spoken in jest or spit out in anger
Words get hard to untangle
A small point of view turns a piece of the truth
Into a scandal

Don’t be too quick to speak your mind
Before you get the facts in line
People get pissed and people get hurt
People resist the truth and expect the worst

Is gonna be so........ before you know
One more ugly rumor just started

It can grow out of control
That’s how Ugly Rumors get started...

From some scrap of news
Some gossip you heard
Some little white lie gets covered with dirt
It grows as it goes ‘til someone gets hurt
One vicious circle

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh you better not start no Ugly Rumors
Oh you better not start no Ugly Rumors
Oh you better not start...

Oh Oh there you go, that’s how Ugly Rumor’s been started
It can go oh out of control
One more Ugly Rumor’s just started....
Oh oh you better not start no Ugly Rumors.....