Sichazz Down
Whatcha doin baby you been messin roun
Say youre gonna leave me drive straight out of town
Hold your horses darling bes slow down the pace
Whos the one who loves you whos the one who fell from grace
Sichazz down, Sichazz down

Fed up with your cheatin tired of your lies
Dont you strut and posture dont you dare to roll your eyes
I know what youre doin robbin Peter, payin Paul
This well is dry now sugar, I say thats it, thats that, thats all
Sichazz down, Sichazz down

You got all I got to give
Aint nothin left to get
Dont you dare walk out that door
Cause I aint finished yet
Sichazz down, Sichazz down

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, where ya been, watcha gonna do
Oh baby why dont you settle down, and Sichazz Down

Those credit cards are toast you wont get ten miles
If you try to use that debit card Ill see you at the trial
Break down in the desert, dont be callin for a tow
Think it over baby you dont really mean to go
Sichazz down, Sichazz down

Its cold, wet, theres coyotes, ex-conhippiejunkywinos theres UFOs, alien abductions dont lead them little skeevy green blood suckin wort makin muthas back here baby, what the hells amatta with you aint gonna come back here baby gonna get yourself in a world a _____

Sichazz down, Sichazz Down
You aint goin nowhere, Sichazz down
You aint goin somewhere, Sichazz down
Gimme a break baby