Hey! What? Hah ha! Once upon a time when I was barely sixteen years old I, Id wait til my momma got fast asleep and Id skinny on out the back bedroom window, across the green grass yard and pop into this little 58 egg-shell blue T-bird my buddies had, and wed slide on down to East St. Louis where Mr. Chuck Berry had a night club in Gas Light Square, and these three little white boys would sneak in the back row and sit there and watch the bloods dance. Theyd be hikin up those fine shark skin slacks, showin those flashy florsheim shoes and their thick-n-thin hosiery. Made a little groove around it, goes like this.

You love to party Id rather veg
Youre so outspoken Id rather hedge
You hate the ball games Ive got a box
You swim the ocean I roam the docks

Love calamari I hate that ___!
Everybody says its just amazin how we fit

Fit, fit on me Fit, fit on me
Fit, fit on me Fit, fit on me

You love the theatre I go to shows
Sniffle at love scenes I blow my nose
You like your Stoli I drink the well
Skinny dippin at midnight well, what the hell! Hey!

You think Im crazy Im sure of it
Everybody says its just amazin how we fit!

You dress outlandish Im into jeans
Frequent the opera I make the scene
Always a lady I walk the check
Dig Ferlinghetti I loathe that dreck

Youre esoteric Im outa sight
Youre so together Im simply tight
You love DeNiro Im into Cage
Youre filled with love Im filled with rage
You wanna stay I wanna go
You say tomato I say tomato
You got the body baby but I have the wit!
Everybody says its just amazin how we fit!