Another State Line
When I was seven
We were movin’
From the seventh house
That we had lived in
Was it for a new job
Or a PhD?
If Momma had a plan
She didn’t always tell me
And a little girl would cry
And ask her why
She’d say

Across Another State Line
You never know what you’re gonna find
They got different trees and new people
to meet
I get so tired of walking these same
old streets
We’re not movin away
We’re getting closer to the place where
we’re finally gonna stay
So slam that door girl
Sittin’ still is wasting time
Before the sun goes down
We’ll be across another state line

When I was eighteen
Momma had settled down
She even bought a house
In a cute little college town
But I picked a school
Twelve hours away
When it was finally time to go
I just sat in the driveway
Staring at the map I asked myself why
Momma said don’t cry
Don’t you know that
You can come home any time
But you’ve got class in the morning
Across another state line
Momma calls me
On the cell phone
Says “where are you girl
And when are you comin home?”
I say “it’s Dallas”
Tomorrow it’s Nashville
Then I gotta drive all night
Just to make a fifty dollar bill
She says I don’t know
How you do what you do
You should Momma
I learned it from you


I’m not runnin’ away
Seems like the road’s the only place
Where I’m ever gonna stay
But don’t you worry
I’m gonna be just fine
Got a show in Carolina
Across another state line