What Would Jesus Do
“What Would Jesus Do”

Words & Music by Pat Reid
© 2006 PGAMusicProductions/SOCAN

Verse 1

Any minuet any hour
we’ll all run for cover as
things escalate, there’s no debate
laughter turn to hate

Verse 2

In a hail of firepower
its on tomorrows cover
another brother dies, and his mama cries
everybody wonders why


But no matter how you change the tune
It all turns out the same
some silly words were taken wrong
we’re caught up In this game
I won’t stand for this, you won’t stand for that
pride is on the line
then you hear a voice, deep inside of you saying


What would Jesus do
what would He do
somebody tell me yeah
what would Jesus do, what would He do
what would Jesus do,
na, na, na, na na na na na na…
what would Jesus do

Verse 3

I can hear the cries tomorrow
tears death and pain and sorrow
another brother dies, and his mama cries
hands up to the skies


Four hundred years have come n’ gone
n’ still there no relief
bothers Malcolm, Martin, Bobby and John
look on In disbelief
as the eagle flies way on high
we hang our heads In shame
in a world of pain, and poverty
a voice cries out again

(Repeat Chorus, Vamp, End)