Dana Cooper - No Second Coming (3:21)
Dana Cooper - No Second Coming (3:21)

Dana Cooper - (615) 438-3262

Songwriter: Dana Cooper
Publishing & PRO: Dog Eared Music / Bluewater Music, SESAC

Release Date: 4/1/2015

"While teaching at a songwriting retreat in Michigan I was given an assignment based on a church in my hometown. Seems they built a tower for Jesus to land on when he one day returns to earth.

Walking along the wind blown shore of Lake Michigan I reflected on the disappointment and frustration Jesus might feel to see our human race still failing to follow his message of love. By simply recalling his teachings, his suffering and dying on the cross for our sins, I put myself in his sandals. I wanted to make people laugh and think seriously at the same time about the work we all need to do in making the world a better, more peaceful place.

The day after writing No Second Coming I performed it for all the attendees at the Songwriting workshop. The response was huge and continues to be with audiences every where I play. It has become one of my most requested songs and I've even sung it at a few Unitarian Church services where folks sang along. Though writing it was a serious endeavor the whole process was also a whole lot of fun. And, so far, I haven't been struck by lightning! ~ Dana Cooper

Dana Cooper: Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Thomm Jutz: Electric Guitar, Dobro
Mark Fain: Bass Guitar
Lynn Williams: Drums, Percussion
Barbara Santoro: Keyboard
Sally Barris: Background Vocals
Kim Carnes: Background Vocals
Barbara Santoro: Background Vocals
Jeff Thorneycroft: Background Vocals