Susan Shann - Busted (3:06)
Susan Shann - Busted (3:06)

Susan Shann – (615) 351-3886

Songwriter: Susan Shann
Publishing & PRO: Moose Lodge Music, ASCAP
Administered by: Moose Lodge Music

Busted is a raw, hard-edged character study: a portrait of a woman who falls prey to the trappings and temptations of success - the unrivaled attention, easy money, easy access to drugs - only to discover these are but fleeting illusions, as the first two fall away and the third becomes a crutch to prop up her crumbling ego.

Inspired by real events and real people, Busted is a composite of many who have passed this way, and a cautionary tale about the risk of being burned for those drawn to the dark flame. ~ Susan Shann

Susan Shann: Lead Vocals
Chip Martin: Lead Guitar
JT Corenflos: Rhythm Guitar
Will Barrow: Keys
Michael Rhodes: Bass
Bob Mater: Drums