Freddy Powers - Like a Movie Star (2:16)
Freddy Powers - Like a Movie Star (2:16)

Songwriter: Freddy D Powers
Publishing & PRO: Air Fred Music, BMI

This album was co-produced by Merle Haggard and Freddy Powers and recorded at Merle Haggard's studio in Redding, California in 2003.

"Freddy Powers is my close friend, probably my closest in the music business. He's my buddy, and we wrote a lot of songs together. He's a great rhythm guitar player and he knows a million songs." ~ MERLE HAGGARD

Freddy Powers: Vocals
Kevin Williams: bass
Scotty Joss: Fiddle
Jeff Ingram: Drums
Doug Colosio: Piano
Django Porter: Lead guitar
Big Kenny & John Rich: Harmony Vocals