Steve Young - Lonesome, On'ry & Mean (3:38)
Steve Young - Lonesome, On'ry & Mean (3:38)

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Songwriter: Steve Young
Publishing & PRO: Rich-way Music, BMI

Steve Young is probably best known as a writer, especially for his song Seven Bridges Road recorded by the Eagles. Steve was also an incredibly soulful singer, but his mixture of blues, country, rock and gospel never found the larger audiences he deserved. He was an Americana artist before the term was used for a genre. He was too country for rock and too rocky for country and is now viewed as a pioneer in the development of country rock.

Steve’s song Lonesome On’ry and Mean was covered by Waylon Jennings and became an anthem of the outlaw movement.

Young says, “I gave this song away to Waylon, he used this song almost like his image back in the macho country rock days, but ironically it’s about trying to give up alcohol, and wondering if you could still play.”

As Waylon Jennings famously said, "If he gets any better I'm gonna kill him"!

Steve Young: Guitar, Vocals