Larry Cordle - Southern by the Grace of God (3:23)
Southern by the Grace of God (3:23)

Contact information:
Larry Cordle - (615) 830-4765

Songwriters: Larry Cordle, Larry Shell
Publishing & PRO: Wandachord Music / Americana Music
Publishing / A Toad In Cowboy Clothes, BMI

They took some delta blues, Pentecostal too
Threw a little bluegrass in
They took some rock & roll, country soul
That’s where it all began
In a backwater town, Green Cove Springs
Just south of Jacksonville
They started settin’ fire to them guitar strings
Makin’ a name for themselves
They went from juke joint haze to MCA
All the way to the top
Born and raised in the USA
Southern by the grace of God

They sang T for Texas, T for Tennessee
They sang about sweet home Alabam
And a song they call the breeze
And when they cut that freebird loose
The house would really start to rock
The party was on and for a while we all
Were southern… by the grace of God

You know the road is long, when you’re away from home
Friends and family
To get over the hill, it takes a drink or a pill
If you’re gonna do this music thing
Yeah the women and booze are free and loose
It’s hard to tell right from wrong
It’s called payin’ your dues, and to do it right
They thought they had to live the song
They finally ran out of gas and luck
In a south Mississippi swamp
And though the smell of death was all around
Their music still lives on

Anytime you hear T for Texas, T for Tennessee
Sweet Home Alabama or a song they call the breeze
When they cut that freebird loose, the house still wants to rock
The party’s still on, don’t you know we’re all
Southern by the Grace of God