Larry Cordle - Southern by the Grace of God (3:23)
Southern by the Grace of God (3:23)

Contact information:
Larry Cordle - (615) 830-4765

Songwriters: Larry Cordle, Larry Shell
Publishing & PRO: Wandachord Music / Americana Music Publishing / A Toad In Cowboy Clothes, BMI

"This song was written by my old friend and longtime songwriting cohort Larry Shell and myself as sort of a chronicle of this band's life. I hope we got it right for the "Skynyrd" guys cause we certainly have a ton of respect for them and the things they accomplished. Obviously, we were writing it from the outside tolling in, so if there happens to be some creative license taken here, well, we tried to get the story right as we saw it." ~ Larry Cordle

Larry Cordle - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Harmony Guitars, Backvocals
Booie Beach - Lead Guitars
Kim Gardner - Dobro
David Talbot - Banjo
Andy Leftwitch - Mandolin
David Pomeroy - Bass
Tom Roady - Percussion
Jenee Keener - Fiddle
Mark Howard - Vibra-slap
Carol Chase - Back vocals
Kim Morrison - Back Vocals
Terry Eldridge - Back Vocals
David Talbot - Back Vocals