The Nashville PieHoles - Man Enough To Be A Woman (3:28)
Man Enough To Be A Woman - The Nashville PieHoles (3:28)

Contact Information:
Annette(Nettie)Barkley (615)484-8560

Songwriter: Annette Barkley, Frank Kupstas, Bruce Miller
Publishing & PRO: Annette Barkley Music, SOCAN / Silent Tide Music, BMI / Fahrenheit Songs, SOCAN


When you get home you walk the dog and I appreciate it
I know you've had a hard day with all them papers in your briefcase
Puttin' in that nine to five can really take a toll
You don't have to say a word 'cause I already know When the weekend finally gets here there's a thousand things to do
You're the king of home improvement Lord knows you've got the tools
The kids think you're a hero they laugh at my pink hammer
But baby there's another side to all the glitz & glamour

It ain't easy dancing backwards
Go on try it just once
Could you still put on a happy face
When it's that time of the month
Could you stand the pain
Of a baby comin'
Tell me are you man enough
To be a woman

It really comes as no surprise you guys think it's fine
But the next time you walk out the door try heels with your coat & tie

Repeat last 2 lines of Chorus