Steve Young - Seven Bridges Road (3:44)
Seven Bridges Road - Steve Young (3:44)

Songwriter: Stephen T. Young
Publishing & PRO: Universal Music Publishing Group

Haunting and beautiful melody, words & vocal. As Waylon Jennings famously said "If he gets any better I'm gonna kill him"!

Steve Young was inspired to write "Seven Bridges Road" during a sojourn in Montgomery, Alabama, in the early 1960s: according to Young "a group of friends...showed me [a] road [that] led out of town...After you had crossed seven bridges you found yourself out in the country on a dirt road. Spanish moss hung in the trees and there were old farms with old fences and graveyards and churches and streams. A high-bank dirt road with trees. It seemed like a Disney fantasy at times. People went there to park or get stoned or just to get away from it all. I thought my friends had made up the name 'Seven Bridges Road'. I found out later that it had been called by that name for over a hundred years. "

Steve Young was a soulful singer/songwriter who grew up throughout the south absorbing the sounds he heard into an intense mix of blues, country, gospel and folk. He first recorded Seven Bridges Road in 1969 but it was the Eagles live version which brought the song greater attention and it is their version that is most familiar to most people. Steve’s version here will hopefully introduce many to one of the great singers and writers of the early years of country rock and still hold up today as a stunning representation of a great American artist.