Larry Cordle - Like A Chicken With His Head Cut Off (3:39)
Like A Chicken With His Head Cut Off - Larry Cordle (3:39)

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Larry Cordle - (615) 830-4765

Songwriter: Larry Cordle, Larry Shell
Publishing & PRO: New Songs of SeaGayle,BMI / Pier Five Music, Inc., BMI
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"Like a chicken with his head cut off is a mostly country expression that I first heard in my childhood and it just carried over into my adult life every time I saw someone (or myself), do something that absolutely made no sense, I was apt to use the phrase.

Anyone who has ever literally witnessed a chicken have it's head cut off, knows what happens, it flops around, tries to run & acts completely crazy.... quite normal behavior if you've just had your head chopped off I suppose!
That is the genesis of the expression and it is generally used, most often, to describe young men, who have been smitten by a member of the opposite sex and had perhaps a 1st early experience of getting to a base farther than he has been able to get to before.
So the way it would be used (up in Kentucky where I'm from anyway).
You know Tommy has been spending a lot of time with that girl of Chuck Alley's ... she's got him acting just like a chicken with his head cut-off!

With this as a template we (Larry Shell & myself) were able to put this little ditty together in one day. We had great fun writing this one!" ~ Larry Cordle