Hugh Moffatt - Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You (4:42)
Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You - Hugh Moffatt (4:42)

Hugh Moffatt
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Songwriter: Hugh Moffatt, Pebe Sebert
Publishing & PRO: © 1978 Rightsong (BMI) and Pebe Sebert Music (BMI)

"Pebe Sebert and I wrote "Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You" three months after we were married in 1977. It was an honest declaration of love. The song has been far more enduring than the marriage, which lasted about 7 years, but that does not diminish its honesty or how proud we both are of it. From the beginning it was special. Everyone who heard it was affected. We sang it at a friend's wedding, and a producer (Pat Carter) who was there cut it on a new artist (Brian Collins-NOT the current one). We sang it at a writer's night and Joe Sun, then head of promotion for Ovation Records (remember The Kendalls?), heard it and cut it himself for our first hit country single together. Two years later Dolly Parton heard Joe's record and recorded it for our first number one record.

Since then the song has been cut countless times (I don't know how many) by all kinds of artists. It's an Irish standard because of a number one record in Ireland by Foster and Allen. We have a version in German by Volker Lechtenbrink, a major star in Germany. It became a bluegrass standard after a soulful cover by the Osborne Brothers. Even Merle Haggard released it.

And as we speak, a new recording is being prepared to release in August: a duet by Kesha and Dolly on Kesha's new album. The version you hear in this collection by AirPlay Direct is the version I recorded on Loving You, my first album for Rounder/Philo Records, released originally in 1987 and still available on CD. It's a duet with Kathy Mattea, to whom I am still mucho grateful for gracing the track with her gorgeous voice. Thank you Kathy! ~ Hugh Moffatt