Drew Davis - Swerve (3:44)
Swerve - Drew Davis (3:44)

Drew Davis

Songwriter: Drew Davis / Jason Matthews / Bridget Tatum © 2013
Publishing: Songs of Universal, Inc. / Songwell Music (BMI), Root 49 / Cackalacki Twang (BMI), Stackin' That Cheddar / Warner Tamerlane (BMI)


Say you wanna ride, I’ve got the seat
Say you wanna dance, I’ve got the beat
I feel like a buzzed up bee, drunk on your sweet sting
Hands on the wheel, hugging my lane
Waiting on the red light to ch-change
Hey, sweet thang (sweet thang)

I’m ‘bout to drop it in the dirt
Get twisted on your turns
Girl, you’re making me swerve
Looking like you’re looking
You’re so rubbernecking wrecking
Every move you make is making it worse
Well, you’ve sure got some dangerous curves
You’re making me swerve, you’re making me swerve

All over the road I can’t stop
Can’t get enough of what you’ve got
Two trucks and a lift kit Jeep up on my beep beep
You can’t help what your Mama gave ya
I can’t help my misbehavior
Girl, you’re really getting to me

I’m going off the shoulder, ‘cause I’m trying to hold ya
Girl, you’re making me swerve, swerve
If you get any closer I’ll have to pull it over
Girl, you’re making me swerve