Sarah Gayle Meech - No Angel (3:16)
No Angel - Sarah Gayle Meech (3:16)

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Sarah Gayle Meech
(213) 864-9661

Songwriter: Sarah Gayle Meech
Publishing: Good Timin' Woman Music , BMI

The song "No Angel" was written by Meech from her debut album "One Good Thing" released in 2012. On the song's inspiration Meech says, "I wanted to write a song for the ladies that was about being free and having fun. Seemed like all the country songs about partying and being a bad **** were all sung by men. I was tired of hearing women's country songs be all weepy and broken hearted.  You've got Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson singing about being good timing men, so with No Angel, I set out to write an anthem for the good timing women."