Dave Insley - Own A Mountain (5:25)
Own A Mountain - Dave Insley (5:25)

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Songwriter: Dave Insley
Publishing: Crawl Daddy Music, BMI
Release Date: March 22, 2005


So this is how it feels to be a hero?
Well stop the press and honey hold the phone
Anyone who tries can make a difference
How’s it feel to be so brave and so alone?

Well I don’t care if you think you’re pretty
I don’t care about the names that fall down from your lip
Any fool can learn to swim an ocean
But it takes guts going down with the ship

You may think you own a mountain
Till that dirt starts filling up your grave
You may think that you’ve hit the bottom
But it might just be a stop along the way

I don’t see how anything can touch me
Because I close myself inside these walls
But somehow the light always finds a way through
Then I brace myself for a long, long fall

Can’t remember when I ever felt so thirsty
I can’t remember when the water ever tasted so good
I remember leaving, before the benediction
I never told you why, but I guess I should