J.D. Crowe & The New South - "Why Don't You Tell Me So" (prev. unreleased)
Why Don't You Tell Me So" (prev. unreleased)
Songwriter: Lester Flatt
Published by: APRS

0044, the only bluegrass album known by its record number, was one of the most important bluegrass albums of the last 50 years influencing a whole generation of young bluegrassers. The band consisting of J.D. Crowe on banjo, Tony Rice on guitar, Ricky Skaggs on fiddle and mandolin and Bobby Slone on bass with Jerry Douglas on Dobro. They made only this one studio album.

“Why Don’t You Tell Me So” was recorded during the 0044 sessions, but inexplicably was not released as part of the original album. Nobody seems to remember why. It was released on a limited edition LP pressing of 0044 and on a limited edition Cracker Barrel album about fifteen years ago, but has not been released to radio.