Scott Holstein - "Black Water"
Scott Holstein - "Black Water"
Songwriter: Scott Holstein
Publisher: Scott Holstein Music, BMI

Acapella. Story of the Buffalo Creek Disaster.

High on a mountain Black Water stood still
and the story I'll tell you will give you a chill
about a valley of people men children and wives
and how the rich man's greed stole their lives

Black Water-Black Water so black and so deep
and under Black Water forever I'll sleep
death angels are callin' out to me
Black Water is rollin' down Buffalo Creek

Coal company said God is to blame
they built the dam but He brought the rain
but truth was known throughout the land
never to trust a company man


Death was the scene even high in the trees
fathers and children and mothers to be
nowhere to run as Black Water comes down
and so is the life of a coal minin' town