The Lonely Heartstring Band - "Steal The Night"
The Lonely Heartstring Band - "Steal The Night"(5:59)
Songwriter: G. Clements
Publisher: HungryCat Music a BMI affiliate, The Lonely Heartstring Band appears courtesy of Lonely Heartstring Music a BMI affiliate.

John Lawless in Bluegrass Today called The Lonely Heartstring Band “the future of Bluegrass music.” Despite their varied influences, from classical to folk to traditional bluegrass, and because of them, too, the Lonely Heartstring Band never sounds like a clash of competing musical elements, but rather has a rich and fully-formed sound that respects and incorporates the full range of what each individual musician brings to the group.The Lonely Heartstring Band, with their shared musical vocabulary, are forging a style that is simultaneously both stimulating and listenable, new and fresh.

“Steal The Night” is not a typical bluegrass song by any stretch of the imagination. The song was composed and arranged to be a sprawling ballad that captures a melancholy mood in the aftermath of a relationship. The lyrics and music portray a journey through musical landscapes, each song section reflecting a different moment in time, reaching a climax at the Bridge. The song showcases the soulful banjo playing of Gabe Hirshfeld in an extended outdo that moves from despair to hope. George Clements, The Lonely Heartstring Band