Do Drop In
Written by Amy Ames. Music by Eddie Hedges.

Amy wrote the song, "Do Drop Inn" over 20 years ago while watching the television show, "The Waltons" with her Dad. During the episode John Boy's brother fixes up the "Do Drop Inn" for a grand opening. Amy grabbed a pencil and wrote a song about a girl taking her friend to the "Do Drop Inn" to get trashed. She proceeded to dance around the living room, through the side door and out in the yard with her Dad running out after her. "You need to work on those lyrics," said her Dad. So over 20 years Amy rolled that song in her head waiting for the right story line that would not embarrass her Dad again. That story idea finally came 25 years later when she designed the "Do Drop Inn" with add on rooms where she could take her friend to get her over a love loss without getting her wasted. The beer room would be a sound proof room where one could cuss and play in beer suds. The wine room was tricky. She originally came up with spitting wine in doll faces later to add on to it by writing on them with markers. The whiskey room idea came from another song she wrote earlier called, "Whiskey Jacuzzi." It was about a jacuzzi filled with whiskey instead of water. Amy kept rewriting and playing with the lyrics until she had a song that would turn an embarrassing childhood moment into a proud one. When she finished it, she placed the lyrics next to her Dad's marker in the backyard of the Comfort House and thanked him. Then she danced into the house singing, "Do Drop Inn."