Blue Mountain
Music lovers and Bluegrass enthusiasts have a new artist to celebrate as Addie Levy launches her inaugural single, "Blue Mountain." Having honed her musical craft in southwest Virginia and east Tennessee, Levy brings a fresh breeze to the Nashville music scene with a track that seamlessly blends bluegrass and Americana influences.
The move to Nashville was a strategic step for Levy, following a productive stint at Hat Creek Recording with Bobby Starnes in Jonesborough, TN. The collaboration bore fruit in the form of "Blue Mountain," a composition that radiates emotional depth and relatability.
Crafted by Levy herself, "Blue Mountain" narrates the complexities of moving on from a past relationship, infusing a mix of nostalgia and hope. ‘Blue Mountain” is also a metaphor for nostalgic sadness within familiar surroundings. Levy's expressive vocals and poignant lyrics, paired with the spirited production that seamlessly marries tradition and innovation, create a profound listening experience.
Reflecting on the song's creation, Levy shares, "I aimed for a song that captures regret yet carries an uplifting energy. The production strikes a balance between timeless tones and dynamic rhythms."
The record boasts a lineup of exceptional musicians, produced skillfully by Bobby Starnes. Levy's own mastery of the mandolin takes center stage, complemented by Trey Hensley's outstanding flatpicking skills. Carson Peters further enriches the ensemble on fiddle, Clay Russell on banjo, and Dylan Crawford on drums. Levy's alto vocals provide the perfect emotional touch, culminating in a remarkable debut release.
"Blue Mountain" is now available for streaming on all platforms