Guru Like You
Well there’s something about you that I can’t resist
And it’s something I wanna latch onto
So I hope you don’t mind it if I hang around
‘Coz I’m starting to feel that I want to

Well there’s something about your mysterious ways
That appeal to a credulous guy
And the mystery and powerful words I don’t
know overwhelm an uncritical mind

I guess you think I’m silly
Sometimes I think so, too
But I’m convinced I need
I need a guru like you

I’ll keep my wallet open wide
So I can let you know
Every time I pay my dues
I can feel my spirit grow

Well I need a guru like you so bad
That it makes me want to cry
But it seems a guru like you never fails
To shake down my kind of guy

Some might call me silly
But see my point of view
It’s hard to say goodbye
To a guru like you