The Board Meeting
The chairman said that the company is dead
If we don’t cut costs then everything is lost
The executives pled with an air of dread
Oh, but it’s not our fault that we have an empty vault
The chairman’s retort was "well then let’s resort
To our usual plot and cut the staff a lot"

But the one man at the table
Who was psychologically stable
Empathetically able
The youngest in the stable
Said "we could keep all our employees
If we implement a wage freeze
And a cut in executive pay
Yeah, we could really save the day
Oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah"

But the rest of them were aghast
And they all began to blast
Vilification upon the man
And said he’d better get with the plan

Or he’d be out on the street
Shunned by the elite
Might even find his feet
Stuck in a block of concrete
He’d better watch his words
And his ideas were for the birds

And that’s the way it went
All the profit was spent
To pay the men who don’t care
Every million and billionaire