Boat On The Ocean
Boat on the ocean

Yesterday you told me
Another love you'd find
If I didn't give you reason
Enough to change your mind
I know the path that I've been taking
Ain't the man I want to be
Is it too late to say I'm sorry
Will you stay or will you leave?

Seems to me you're like a boat out on the ocean
Beaten by storms beyond the bay
I can see your silhouette on the horizon
Are you heading home or sailing far away?

We've got the kind of love
comes and goes with the tide
Always ends up on the shore
Where the waves and rocks collide
Yet another frozen morning
You're somewhere lost at sea
But I find myself here dreaming
That your lying next to me

Maybe with a tailwind
A little break in the weather
We could chart a course
That just might bring us back together