Miller's Cave (Feat Mike Rogers)
Way down in the state of Georgia
Through the swamps and Everglades
Theres a hole in Tiger mountain
God help the man who gets lost in miller’s cave

I met a girl in Waycross Georgia
But she had unfaithful ways
Made me feel I was unwanted
Like the bats and bears in miller’s cave

I caught her out one Sunday morning
With a man they call big Dave
The meanest man in Waycross Georgia
I’d rather fight a mountain lion in miller’s cave

I said you’ll pay both you Dave
I’m gonna see you in your grave
They laughed at me and then I shot’em
I took there cheating scheming bones to miller’s cave

I couldn’t take the way she did me
I couldn’t stand her low down ways
Before I’d live with a cheating woman
I’d go and live with the bears in miller’s cave

Well that woman made me feel unwanted
But I showed her I was brave
Most wanted man in Waycross Georgia
They’ll find me cause I’m lost in miller’s cave