01 Cee Pee Johnson - The G Man Got The T Man
1 Cee Pee Johnson– The "G" Man Got The "T" Man 3:08

11/2/45 w/ Cee Pee (Vocal, drums) Teddy Buckner on trumpet, Buddy Banks, tenor sax, remainder unknown

Artist Biography
by Eugene Chadbourne
Cee Pee Johnson saw stars briefly during his career as a bandleader, his combo appearing in several Hollywood films highlighting novelty songs, vocal groups and jumping jive. Johnson can be compared to Cab Calloway minus the brilliant repertoire, the material he did record showing up on compilations focusing on -- or rather blurring through -- reefer madness as well as other tawdry subjects: West Coast Jive, Man That's Groovy: Early Vocal Groups, Honkin' the Boogie.

Johnson's penchant for accompanying his vocals on tom-toms and other vaguely African percussion was somewhat in the style of Lionel Hampton and largely effective: as a drummer, Johnson was good enough to work alongside the great bassist Slam Stewart on Slim and Slam recordings for Columbia. "The "G" Man Got the "T" Man" and the nagging, negative "Don't Forget to Say No, Baby" were examples of what happened when Johnson dabbled in songwriting. One of the co-writers of the latter number was none other than Hoagy Carmichael.