Ain't Nobody Normal Anymore
Ain’t Nobody Normal Anymore
By Tim Lake

Ain’t nobody normal anymore, ain’t nobody just fine
Ain’t nobody running around and smiling, ain’t nobody having a good time
Everybody’s got so much of nothing anymore, the fools don’t know where to start
So they spend their time buying expensive clothes and driving fancy little sports cars
And breaking each others hearts

So they have a visit to their ‘head doctor’ each week, and they say, “Doctor, doctor, I’m feeling so bad.
It seemed like last week I was doing just fine because I bought me some brand new speakers to listen to the
soul man.”
And the doctor said, “Honey, I know how bad your feeling because I’m feeling bad too.
But you know what I did baby, I went out and bought myself a new life.
If you’ll come sit on my lap I’d like to share it with you.”


Ain’t nobody normal anymore, ain’t nobody just fine
Ain’t nobody believes in nothing except calculating, calculating
Ain’t nobody normal anymore, ain’t no one got the strength to dance
Ain’t nobody around here even smart enough to know that something’s missing
That’s why they ain’t got a snowball’s chance

Ain’t nobody normal anymore, we just hang out at our chic cafes
And everytime we feel that anxiety coming on we just perk ourselves up by thinking about all the money we’ve made
But doctor, doctor, what made us like this?
I’ll pay you well to make me smile
Could my values be all screwed up?
You know that I live in the best part of town

Repeat Chorus:

Words and Music by Tim Lake
All Rights Reserved