Sail For The Lord
by Tim Lake

Well, I’ve got a song, that you can’t ignore
It’s got hope for tomorrow, and faith in the Lord
So put this record on, and climb on aboard
We’ve got reason to sail, if we’ll sail for the Lord

There was a time when I thought we were drifting alone
Like a ship with no anchor, a sea with no shore
With no hope for tomorrow, with no love aboard
Till I set my charts by the stars, to sail for the Lord


When we sail for the Lord, we can see through the fog
Till the tumultuous sea becomes peaceful and calm
No matter how red the skies are at morning
We’ll return to the shore, if we’ll sail for the Lord

There’s love here, our ship safely moored
With a brand new tomorrow, so climb on aboard
Our ship has an anchor, our sea has a shore
If we’ll love one another, and sail for the Lord

Repeat Chorus:

Tim Lake
1997 ASCAP
All Rights Reserved