Annette And Me
by Tim Lake

The first girl that I loved had big ears
A precocious little Italian girl
I knew all the cheers
It was a M-I-C and a K-E-Y
And M-O-U-S-E
Any fool could easily see
It was Annette and me

The first fight I got in was because of that girl
When my buddy next door said she was his
It about shattered my 3 year old world
So I hit him on the chin and knocked to the floor
He got up so we fought some more
Somehow he just couldn’t see
It was Annette and me


Annette and me would spend our lives together
Even though as of that moment she didn’t know quite who I was
Somehow I knew if I tried hard
That when I wished upon a star
It made no difference how near or how far
She’d come right through my TV
Annette and me

Everyday of the week just before supper time
I’d turn on the tube just to sit and muse at what one day would be mine
She taught me how to spell, taught me how to sing
Taught me how to love, taught me everything
Happy as a mouseketeer could be
It was Annette and me

I asked Santa if there was something he could do
I promised to be a real good boy if he could make my dreams come true
I was learning how to cope, Asking God up above
How to do without something I was dreaming of
I wanted her sitting under the Christmas tree
Annette and me

Repeat Chorus:

Words and Music by Tim Lake
All Rights Reserved