They Will Always Love You
They Will Always Love You
by Tim Lake

If you waste your time a’ talking to the wind
You might hear the distance tell you that you can’t go home again
And as your words are strewn like swirling bits of sand
You might reflect on how you grew to be a woman or a man


Now you (we) find yourself (ourselves) with children of your own
And you (we) wonder how to light their way back home
Let them go, Let them grow
And they will always love you
They will always love you

The other night I dreamt a feeling, how it felt to be young
The wonder in my soul glowed like sweet upon my tongue
We all remember when simple things in life were new
When the simple act of holding hands brought all those feelings rushing through

Repeat Chorus:

We all strive to find that gentle place again
When words and touch were new, a gift to the innocent
But if we’re wise we know we need not leave that simple spark behind
As we live within each stage of life and cycle through our time

Repeat Chorus:

March 17, 1997
Words and Music by Tim Lake
1997 ASCAP
All Rights Reserved