Highlander's Farewell
Pete Goble is a dear friend, and has written many great songs in his day. In 1989 he was awarded the IBMA song of the year for “Tennessee 1949”. Highlander's Farewell is a well written song about love and the fatal cost of war.

Highlander’s Farewell
Oh the sweet memory when we met in the heather, how the sun light would dance on your hair,
where I pledged you my love, I would be ever faithful when you needed my most I’d be there.
Now I’m a soldier and my love for old Scotland, tells me that I must march away.
Don’t ask me to choose between you and my country cause you know deep inside I can’t stay.

For the time I’m away I will miss you my darling, I’ll see you at night in my dreams.
When I come home want you say you’ll be waiting, in the high Scottish heather so green.
The bag pipes will play as we march into battle where death will claim many brave men.
There I will long to see you and old Scotland and to walk in the highlands again

So it’s farewell to you and to Bonnie old Scotland, we’re sailing to far distant shores
I promise you this, when the Great War is over, I will love you no less, I’ll love more

As the fighting raged on, he was mortally wounded, and he laid on the cold bloody ground.
He said take me back home to my sweet Bonnie Scotland where the heather will do me surround.
When they carried him home, death was nearly upon him, as she kissed his great soldier she loved.
They buried him there in the midst of the heather, as the highlands looked down from above,

So it’s farewell to you and to Bonnie old Scotland, I’m sailing to far distant shores.
But if you listen close it’s your name I’ll be calling, when the wind whistles through the wild moor,
when the wind whistles through the wild moor.