Where Are You CJ?
We were performing at Winter Hawk bluegrass festival in Ancramdale, NY in the 90’s. This is a huge bluegrass festival that is located on a farm with plenty of forest and places to get lost. A young boy was separated from his Mother, she was frantically looking for him, and they announced from the stage, CJ can you hear us CJ? The entire audience started looking for the kid, after 30 minutes or so, he showed up and they were reconnected.

Where are you CJ?
Standing on a hilltop full of music loving people listening to banjo as it rings through the valley,
There stood a little boy, who lost the hand of his mother, not knowing if he’d see her again.

The strangest things happen at the top of your senses all the sounds seem louder and stronger than they should, when the little boy hear voices of 7,000, people calling his name through the woods.

CJ where are you CJ? I know you can hear us, cause the voices sounds like thunder
His mother feels like death as she screams, CJ

Just when he thought he’d be lost forever, a stranger walks and he looks in the tears
Of a boy whose life was halted, what seems like forever he wonders, how he knew his name

The stranger takes the boy by his trembling hand and leads him to the stage where the lights
Nearly blind him, and there stands his mother, who’d give her last breath just to hold her loving boy again.

CJ there are you CJ, I knew you can hear us, cause our voices sounds like thunder
His mother cries as she screams, CJ

Now we’re all lost in one way or another, we all need the help of someone who will say, let this be a lesson to the none believer, together we can all find our way.

CJ there are you CJ? I knew you can hear us, cause our voices sounds like thunder
His mother cries when she sees CJ