Blue Nose
We played over in Nova Scotia and became introduced to the sailing ship, Blue Nose. i thought if that old gal could just talk, what stories would come out?
My friend Keith Arneson was playing around with a melody and I wrote the lyrics. We have been playing the song for years to many different audiences and we're glad to get it out on Air Play Direct.

Blue Nose

There's land up above us, we've sailed a long long way
with a cool breeze blowing the sun bids us a good day.
When the light shine in the harbor, it's like stars up
in the sky
and my heart is full of lonely for the one's I've said good bye.

And my soul is on the ocean, takes my dreams where the wind blows
the salt runs through my blood dear Lord and my feet are on the Blue Nose

She's a ship in Nova Scotia that sails around the world, turned many sailors loose on land
broke the hearts of many a girl
there's a spell out on the ocean, there's a spell out on the sea, and you know I have to be there, I can hear her calling me


when the piper blows the bag pipe you can hear it in the wind, and drummer sounds like gun shots, salt water upon my skin. I don't know where I'm going I know not where she goes, all I know she gentle carries me, where the wind blows.