It's My Home
It's My Home

I am the whisper of the wind
I flow through the needles through highest of pines
whistling as I go way up to the sky
across the blue mountains where the valleys reside

I am a man lumber is my trade
I've worked in these hills since my younger days
my skin is red my hair is long
my blood is in the land
and with the wind that blows through the pines

chorus: I A I A It's my home

I am the river I flow around each bend
I grow wider ervey day from the snow and the wind
within me there is life to feed the hungry sould
and quinch the thirsty land when it's dry

as a pilgrim I have sailed across this baron
upon this cursed earth it will be my destiny
I bring my steed and goods for trade with anyone I meet
stake my claim and take just what I need

chorus: I A I A It's my home

I am the spirit I heed the mournful song
the keeper of souls of those who have gone
judgement of a man is in these simple words
it's deeds and things that they've done

chorus: 2x