Off My Mind
This was a time in my life I needed to do some house cleaning so to speak and stop dwelling on stuff.

Off My Mind
-Sew a little grass just to watch it grow
Thought I’d get you off my mind, now I just don’t know
You’re like an old song I remember from long ago
Cast off my vessel, put the wind in the sail
Jump on my saddle, hit the dusty trail
Gotta keep moving, to get you off of my mind

-Are you a little Angel, are you some kind of saint
Sometimes I think you are, then I think you ain’t
I’m only human I need someone now and then
I’ll get out on the road see what I can find
Help me through the hurt, through the toughest time
Gotta keep moving to get you off of my mind.

-I’m out here in this dessert, standing all alone
Ain’t nothing here but sand, as dry as a bone
The birds up ahead, they are watching me
They think that I might buckle, that I might give up
That I got water left in my drinking cup
I gotta keep movin to get you off of my mind
Oh, I gotta keep movin to get you off of my mind