The Old Crossroad
The Old Crossroad (4:24)

Lynn Goldsmith
828 231-8573

Songwriter: Bill Monroe
Copyright Unichappell Music, Inc. And Bill Monroe Music

Produced by: Lynn Goldsmith & The Jeter Mountain Band

Release Date: September 26,2018

ISRC: ushm91806951

Lynn Goldsmith - Lead Vocal, Banjo
Stephen Briggs - Vocal, Mandolin, Harmonica
Tom Murray - Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Mike Orr - Vocal, Upright Bass

Oh my brother take this warning,
Don’t let ol’ Satan take your hand
You’ll be lost in sin forever
You’ll never reach the promised land

The old crossroads now is waiting
Which one are you going to take
One leads down to destruction
The other to the pearly gate

One road leads up to heaven
The other goes down below
Jesus our Savior will protect you
He’ll guide you through the old crossroads

Soon your life will be over,
You’ll have to face the old crossroads
Will you be ready then my brother,
To shun the one down below
Chorus: (2x)
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