Enter Sandman
The Scorched Earth Orchestra play Metallica's Master Of Puppets: The Orchestral Tribute (20th Anniversy)

Catalog #: VIT-9143
Release Date: 10/10/2006

When hair metal ruled the world, Metallica provided the antidote: thrash metal. In 1986, the band released Master of Puppets, regarded by many as the first thrash masterpiece. The album addressed military exploitation, the struggle of the mentally ill, and the prevalence of corrupt preachers in a society hungry for answers. Discussing political and social issues stood in stark contrast to the glam and spandex being peddled on radio and MTV. The fact that Master of Puppets became Metallica’s first gold album is all the more incredible. Vitamin Records celebrates the 20th anniversary of this incredibly influential album. Highlighting and building upon the epic Master of Puppets themes, The Scorched Earth Orchestra have fleshed out the entire album in this sprawling tribute. The full orchestral sound adds necessary weight while new sounds emerge from between Metallica’s notes. This is a true celebration of Master of Puppets and a welcome addition to any collection

1 Battery
2 Master of Puppets
3 The Thing That Should Not Be
4 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
5 Disposable Heroes
6 Leper Messiah
7 Orion
8 Damage Inc.