Wish You Were Here
String Quartet Tribute To Pink Floyd

Catalog #: VIT-8655
Release Date: 7/23/2002

In the history of popular music, no other band has come close to creating a mood and subtle flavor like that of Pink Floyd. Since the mid 60’s their blend of blues, rock and space-age driven effects and electronics have pushed the boundaries of the pop format as far as they will go. Through their dedication to exploring the endless textures and colors available to the modern musician in the studio and on the stage, Pink Floyd have influenced countless acts and garnered devoted fans for almost 40 years.

The String Quartet Tribute to Pink Floyd pays musical homage to that influence with some of today’s most cutting edge string players interpreting the classic hits of this timeless band with unparalleled emotional depth.

1 Echoes
2 Have A Cigar
3 Take Up They Stethoscope And Walk
4 Hey You
5 Comfortably Numb
6 Money
7 Breathe
8 Another Brick In The Wall
9 Wish You Were Here
10 A Floydian Slip (original composition, inspired by Pink Floyd)