Mr. Brightside
CD Description:

There are plenty of reasons to love Las Vegas: Elvis impersonators, drive-thru chapels, all-you-can-eat-for-way-cheap buffets, and—of course—gambling. Odds are, you will add the Killers to the list after hearing how they seamlessly meld 80s British gloom rock with post punk electroclash. Totally triumphant, glittery show tunes shaped by art school flirtation and Strokes-like, pretty boy cool. Definitely decadent. Ain’t it a sin to have it all and still be able to shake your ass to a disco beat? Moz stalkers and born-again Cure fans rejoice!

And it gets better. How about all of the Killers’ hits crushed together into one mean package and covered by a talented string quartet? Oh yes, this is hip 29 Palms meets the elegant Bellagio. You’ll hear the Killers’ music break out of simple garage rockdom, transformed into beautiful, classic pieces at the touch of a string. It’s got to be a sin.

1 Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
2 Mr. Brightside
3 Smile Like You Mean It
4 Somebody Told Me
5 All These Things I’ve Done
6 Andy, You’re A Star
7 On Top
8 Change Your Mind
9 Believe Me Natalie
10 Midnight Show
11 Everything Will Be All Right
12 Big Rig (Original Track)