Old Luke
I dreamed about an old love again yesterday
I dreamed about an old love again yesterday.
She was smiling at me once again and I thought I heard her say.
Through the years that we’d been apart she had been so blue
And she wondered if somehow I had missed her too.

I started then to kiss her lips and then I realized.
That it was just a dream and I opened up my eyes.
As I looked around the room my eyes filled up with tears.
Jodie wasn’t there; she’d been dead for twenty years.

I pulled myself together and wiped my tear dimmed eyes.
Got up on my walker, and then I realized.
The smell of pretty flowers seemed to fill my room.
Something from another world; like heaven’s own perfume.

I stood there for a moment and tried to reminisce
About the time that Jodie gave me that first kiss.
I thought about the mountain top where me and Jodie played
And fragrance of the flowers when we were there that day

I can almost feel her presence now the fragrance is so strong.
Almost like; she was sent right straight from heaven’s throne.
It’s so overwhelming now the fragrance is so sweet.
I think I will lie back down and just go on back to sleep

We laid old Luke to rest today. And; then set up his stone
Read the unfinished letter that we found there in his home
His life on earth is over now. He’s reached his journeys end
He’s resting now beside of Jodie; his best friend.